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Steve's Page

Hi there, my name is Steve Tudor. And this is my personal page. I'm 19 years old, and a sophomore at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA. There are many, many Catholic students here, but genuine Christians are very few and far between on this campus. Last year, I started a Bible study by advertising with flyers, hoping to "smoke out" some believers. Praise the Lord it worked! There about 10 of us that I know of right now, and we're doing the best we can to be a good witness and reach out to the rest of this very spiritually blind campus. Keep us in your prayers. This whole thing feels a lot like being a missionary in a foreign country where everyone speaks English.

I like Christian music. A lot. Not the cheesy contemporary stuff that you get from Columbia House, mind you -- I'm talking punk rock, power-pop, hardcore, modern rock, jazz, and ska just like you can get anywhere else. But in a way, I wish "Christian" music didn't exist - I'd prefer that it would be sorted by musical genre just like everything else, rather than being labeled "RELIGIOUS" and stuck on the remote top shelf in the corner behind Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits. But that's the way it is nowadays in our "enlightened society".

Here's my personal hotlist (in no particular order):

I love God. A lot. He's numero uno in my life, although sometimes I foolishly push Him aside for infinitely lesser things. When I notice He's gone, I often turn around and realize that it was I who walked the other way. He loves me so much, He sent the only Son He had to die in the place of yours truly. All because I am scum, a rotten sinner, and I deserve no place in His holy presence. For some reason He wants all of mankind to be with Him, which is why Jesus had to take my punishment of death for me. What a brilliant display of unconditional love -- what means life for me meant death for Jesus. However, His death would mean nothing if He didn't rise from the dead, which He did on the third day. I'm so in awe and in love with God, for He loved me before I ever thought about loving Him. I am a child of God because I gave my life over to Him and repented of my sins. It's something I totally don't deserve. But it's God's gift, and I'd be inexplicably stupid not to accept it.


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