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Yup, you made it.  Please enjoy this Poor Old Lu tribute.

Band Bio. Discography. News. Pictures. Links. Online Store. [on the official POL site.]

Hits since March 23, 1998:

Well hi, and welcome to the latest internet site attempting to bring recognition to one of the greatest bands of our day, Poor Old Lu. My name is Steve, and I'll try to update this page when I can find time, as well as find ways to keep it interesting.

Keep in mind that we're new, and we may not have much to offer for the first month or two. But I think we'll grow out nicely in the near future, and hopefully Scott will add a link to this page on his official POL site! :)

Please send email to me anytime, anywhere, at, and I'll get back to you ASAP - let me know what you think (criticism is openly received in all aspects, especially technical, literary, and aesthetic), and definitely inform me of any code errors i may not be aware of. Thanks for dropping by, and be sure to check in again to see how much work has been done on the site.

Copyright [c]1998, Pooroldluzer Productions. All logo graphics and titles created by Steve, other binaries are credited. All Rights Reserved, yada yada yada...